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A black man was put in handcuffs after a police officer stopped him on a train platform because he was eating Score picks, bold predictions and fantasy tips for every Week 3 NFL game

A black man was put in handcuffs after a police officer stopped him on a train platform because he was eatingBay Area Rapid Transit police said Steve Foster, of Concord, California, violated state law by eating a sandwich on a BART station's platform.

What to watch for in every game. Bold predictions. Fantasy advice. Key stats to know. And, of course, score predictions. It's all here for Week 3.
Joe Biden throws down gauntlet to Michael Bloomberg, saying 'I'm pretty far ahead' Belichick cuts presser short after AB questions

Joe Biden throws down gauntlet to Michael Bloomberg, saying 'I'm pretty far ahead'Joe Biden has thrown down the gauntlet to Michael Bloomberg, urging the billionaire to "get in and run" for the Democrat presidential nomination, and vowing to beat him. Mr Bloomberg, 77, the former New York mayor, sent shock waves through the party this week by indicating his intention to stand, partly because of his concerns over frontrunner Mr Biden's stuttering campaign. Many Democrats warned a Bloomberg candidacy risked a split in the party's moderate wing, between the media mogul and Mr Biden, potentially clearing the path for the liberal standard bearer, Elizabeth Warren, to become the nominee. Mr Biden said: "Look, if he [Mr Bloomberg] wants to run, he should just get in and run. Michael’s a solid guy. I have no problem with him being in the race." But he added: “In terms of he’s running because of me, the last polls I looked at, I’m pretty far ahead. If I’m not mistaken, I’m doing pretty well both relative to Trump, and relative to all the people running in the Democratic primary. "Look at all the polls. I’m leading across the board. And, so I don’t quite get this." Joe Biden campaigning in New Hampshire Credit: AFP Mr Bloomberg filed paperwork to get his name on the ballot in Alabama, the state with the first registration deadline, on Friday. He also rang the former Democrat governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, a key powerbroker in the state, which is the first to vote on Feb 3. Following the call Mr Vilsack said: "He is in." He said Mr Bloomberg told him "it was true he is running." Mr Bloomberg's advisers indicated his main motivation was that he believes Mr Trump, his fellow New York businessman, represented an "existential threat" to the United States. He has previously called Mr Trump a "con" and a "dangerous demagogue." Howard Wolfson, an adviser to Mr Bloomberg, told the Washington Post: "He woke up and said 'Oh my God, Donald Trump is going to be re-elected - I better run for president.'" It is believed a trigger for Mr Bloomberg's late move was recent polling showing Mr Trump highly competitive in key swing states against all the current Democrat candidates, including Mr Biden. Those results came despite Mr Trump being in the midst of an impeachment crisis. The president also has a vastly bigger campaign war chest than all the current Democrat hopefuls. But Mr Bloomberg, America's eighth richest man with a fortune of over $50 billion, would be able to outspend him. Anthony Scaramucci, Mr Trump's former White House communications director, said there was "no question he [Mr Bloomberg] would be the number one threat" to Mr Trump. Mr Scaramucci said: "I think the president will be very intimidated. He [Mr Bloomberg] is a New Yorker, he can withstand the onslaught of the president's bullying. He's worth probably five to eight times the president's net worth. He can get ads up all over the country to defend himself. "If Mike Bloomberg got the nomination it's very clear to me he would beat Trump." However, Mr Bloomberg faced the possibility of not getting that far, and could succeed only in damaging Mr Biden while emboldening Mrs Warren. Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist, said: "It's lousy for Joe Biden, but great for Elizabeth Warren." His advisers indicated Mr Bloomberg would deploy an unusual election strategy, essentially ignoring the first two states to vote, Iowa on Feb 3 and New Hampshire on Feb 11. Other candidates have already been campaigning there for months. Instead, he would focus on "Super Tuesday" on March 3, when more than a dozen states vote on one day, blanketing them with television adverts.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick's patience ran thin. He walked off after fielding seven questions about Antonio Brown's off-the-field issues. "I'm good," he said. "Thank you."
Members of community attacked in Mexico doubt they'll return Sources: Yanks' German won't pitch again in '19

Members of community attacked in Mexico doubt they'll returnA Utah man who helped get his mother and other family members safely out of northern Mexico after nine people were killed in an apparent ambush said Sunday that most fled to Arizona with whatever they could fit in their cars and trucks and they'll likely never return. More than 100 people left their rural community in northern Mexico on Saturday in an 18-vehicle caravan after the attack Monday in which nine women and children were killed by what authorities say were hit men from drug cartels. "I went down there to get my mother and get my family out, my brothers and sisters and lots of kids," Mike Hafen said Sunday in telephone interview from his sister's home in Phoenix.

Right-hander Domingo German will miss both the rest of the regular season and the postseason following his placement on administrative leave, sources told ESPN's Buster Olney.
Swedish police set up task force to combat gang violence Flame out: NFL field pyrotechnics get brief ban

Swedish police set up task force to combat gang violenceSwedish police said on Monday they would set up a special task force to deal with a wave of shootings and bombings linked to criminal gangs following the fatal shooting of a 15-year old in the city of Malmo at the weekend. Sweden has long held a reputation as being one of the safest countries in the world and while overall crime and murder rates remain low, gang wars in major cities have claimed an increasing number of victims in recent years. On Saturday, two 15-year-olds were shot outside a pizza restaurant in Malmo in what police said appeared to be a gang conflict over control of the drug trade in the area.

The NFL has placed a temporary ban on all flame effects and pyrotechnics used on its playing fields as it investigates a fire at the Tennessee Titans' Nissan Stadium in Week 2.
Poland Rebukes Netflix After ‘Terrible Mistake’ on Holocaust DC floats Lamar-Mahomes as next Peyton-Brady

Poland Rebukes Netflix After ‘Terrible Mistake’ on Holocaust(Bloomberg) -- Poland’s prime minister wrote an official letter to Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings requesting that the media streaming company correct facts about the Holocaust in its “The Devil Next Door” documentary series.The European Union member lurched into the international spotlight last year after its nationalist ruling Law & Justice party outlawed the phrase “Polish death camps.” It also criminalized suggesting that the nation was complicit in the mass murder of Jews and other people by the Nazis during their occupation of the country in World War II.A Netflix spokesperson said the company is “aware of the concerns” about the show and is “urgently looking into the matter” after Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote to Hastings.Morawiecki called out Netflix for what he called “a terrible mistake” in the five-part series. The show focuses on John Demjanjuk, a retired Ford Motor Co. auto mechanic who was stripped of his U.S. citizenship and convicted by a German criminal court for aiding in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust.The series showed a map of death camps that said they were located in Poland, using the country’s current borders.The Polish government has repeatedly pushed for commentary on the death camps to label them as being operated by the Nazis in “German-occupied Poland,” because the eastern European nation had no government of its own on its home soil after the invasion of Adolf Hitler’s forces.“Not only is the map incorrect, but it deceives viewers into believing that Poland was responsible for establishing and maintaining these camps,” Morawiecki wrote, saying he believed it was an “unintentional” mistake. “Today, we still owe this truth to the victims of World War II.”Morawiecki enclosed a 1942 map in the letter, which was backed by a comment from the Auschwitz Memorial saying that “more accuracy” should have been expected from the production.(Updates with details of complaint in sixth paragraph.)To contact the reporter on this story: Maciej Martewicz in Warsaw at mmartewicz@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Wojciech Moskwa at, Michael WinfreyFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Ravens defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale is looking forward to Sunday's showdown between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, saying it could be sports' next great rivalry, a la Tom Brady and Peyton Manning or Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

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    The Importance of Free Press in a Democracy

    Before we can understand the importance of a free press in a democracy, we need to grasp what it means to have a free press. The Cambridge Dictionary tells us that a free press allows all media outlets to express whatever opinions they desire. That means, it says, that they are enabled to “criticize the government and other organizations.” So why would that be relevant in a democracy?

    Unfair Questions or Democracy At Work ?

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” -- The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

    Why U.S. Engagement Policy Is The Correct One

    Invariably, when one thinks of the efficacy of a nation’s military, the mind’s eye is drawn to the ability of that country to deliver a \"warhead onto the forehead\" of their enemies. Indeed, owing to the Pentagon’s slick packaging of the First Gulf War, modern conflict, in the American mind, became synonymous with high-tech toys, grainy videos of successful missile shots, and a quick resolution of hostilities.

    Capitalism and The Wealth Gap

    When it comes to the efficient delivery of goods and services, capitalism is the proven economic model that puts people to work and products on the shelves. Whether those jobs end up paying enough money to purchase the items on those shelves is another matter, however.

    Living Wages Are A Global Problem

    The recent protests for an increased minimum wage are part of a larger global protest. The purpose is the same for low wage earners all over the world; increase wages to match the cost of living, and allow workers to form unions if desired and needed. The global protest has gained media attention all over the world, but critics claim that is the only accomplishment the movement will have.

    Ukraine: Not What It Seems

    After tense days of fighting this week, people in Ukraine are mourning the dead and celebrating the removal of President Victor Yanukovych from power. The final struggle that began on February 18, was the bloodiest endured by the protesters of Euromaidan. By February 22 the fighting was over.

    Religious Freedom Bill - Protecting The Faithful or Legalized Discrimination?

    After a much heated national debate, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the controversial bill that would have allowed people and businesses in the state to refuse services to LBGT people based on their religious belief.

    Coup Or Civil War In Egypt

    The day after new protests erupted in Egypt the military in a show of support presented an ultimatum to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood-led government. Morsi was to step down from power and meet all of the demands of the Egyptian people, or face being removed by the military on Wednesday. As the ultimatum deadline draws closer in Egypt, Morsi refuses to leave, insisting that parliamentary elections are needed before he should be removed, and that he doesn't have permission from the United States to remove himself from power. Most recently he stated he will pay with his life to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box.


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